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2018 Financial Statements

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CPS Foundation By-laws 2014 - Revised October 2018

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Meet P/C/C Mal Blann, AP, our newest Director and our new Secretary-Treasurer.

Recipients of Honour Roll Certificates with members of the CPS Foundation
at the 2018 CPS-ECP National Conference AGM in Ottawa, October 2018
CPS Foundation Supports New CPS-ECP IT Program

Photos provided by CPS-ECP Photographer Don Butt, AP

The CPS Foundation donated $45,000 to CPS-ECP during the 2018 National Conference held in Ottawa, Ontario in support of the new IT Program that will replace the current web based administration system. The Foundation members fund projects that help keep CPS-ECP operating in a positive manner and enable it to address the many changes faced in day-to-day operations. This donation has been made possible due to the support of individuals, Squadrons and Districts contributing to the Foundation. Pictured right, then C/C Charles Beall, AP accepted the cheque from CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman, SN.


CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman, SN, reported to the 2018 CPS-ECP Annual Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario in October, accompanied at the AGM by Foundation Directors Ghislain Arsenault, SN, Larry Hicks, AP, and Sheila Boutcher, SN.

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Funding Guidelines of the CPS Foundation

Your Foundation now has a capital of more than $1 million. A recent debate showed me how important it becomes to explain how this money will be spent to assure a better future of CPS-ECP. I think that the following guidelines will help.

  1. The first guideline deals with the policy obligation of your Foundation to disburse each year, a minimum of 3.5 per cent of the value of assets they own that are not used directly in their charitable activities or administration of the charity. These assets include reserve funds, endowments, investments and buildings (formerly 80% of the receipted donations received from donors). In the past years, your Foundation has returned approx. $400,000 to CPS-ECP to support its many and varied projects.
  2. The second guideline refers to the fact that your donations help to grow the invested capital, so that it will grow and produce a return used for qualifying grants. So we do not expense the money of your donation but only the returns produced by the capital.
  3. The third guideline refers to the use to which the funds available are utilized. CPS-ECP is a national organization and your Foundation is committed to fund projects which will support all of the Squadrons across the country. Individual Squadron or District projects do not normally come under these criteria. In general, requests for funding come through a National Committee, which serves the interests of all the Squadrons, and which provides documented evidence of where the funds have been spent. Your Foundation has no access to the Squadrons or Districts to check if a project reaches the planned objectives. CPS-ECP has financial rules to respect and can manage the projects more easily!
  4. The fourth guideline concerns the different services that CPS-ECP members can receive from the National body, through the normal budgeting process. Your Foundation will not reinvent the wheel. If a service provided by our National body needs financial help, your Foundation will evaluate the financial request coming from the Board or Executive Committee. Should a Squadron or District present a request for funding for a project outside of a national program or a national committee, it may be rejected by your Foundation. This does not mean that the project is not a good idea! It may only require referring the project to a national committee first!

The Directors are the custodians of the Foundation funds, and look at all suggested projects in the light of usefulness to the organization as a whole. Through your continuing support, we are able to ensure a sustainable future for CPS-ECP.

So when a member, a Squadron, or a District decides to support your Foundation, they participate as architects of the future of our national organization.

Ghislain Arsenault, SN
Director of the CPS Foundation
Updated October 8, 2019

Information to Apply for Funding

The CPS Foundation Works for You

The CPS Foundation was able to present CPS-ECP with a cheque for $45,000.00 at the 2018 Conference in Ottawa. Your continued support shows what can be done if members, Squadrons and Districts donate a little of their idle cash on a yearly basis.

Our donation has been of great help in obtaining a new IT system to help us all maintain a more integrated effort in achieving our goal s and objectives.

This donation has lowered our bottom line to below the one million dollar mark, but I am sure we will be able to retain our fund in a position to support CPS-ECP in the years to come. CPS-ECP is still evolving and our efforts to find the best way to pass along our knowledge to the boating public are ongoing. At the same time we need to keep ourselves enthused and members happy so that we can continue to enjoy one of the best sports and pastimes on our great water playgrounds.

It is because of you, our members, that we can keep our waters safe and enjoyable for years to come.

Keep up your efforts and think of how and what is needed, to ensure our most respected organization stays alive and well. Your donations large or small are always welcome and enable us to continue to help fund the projects that CPS-ECP needs.

On behalf of the Directors and Members of the CPS Foundation, Erik Fabricius, Larry Hicks, Ghislain Arsenault, Sheila Boutcher, P/C/C Joe Gatfield and our newest member P/C/C Malcolm Blann,
Respectfully yours,
Chair John Hinksman, SN
November, 2018

The success of our Foundation depends upon each one of us!

Contribute to the CPS Foundation and Honour CPS-ECP Members

Cowichan Power and Sail Squadron has found a way to donate to The CPS Foundation while at the same time honouring members of the Squadron who have made a worthwhile contribution to CPS-ECP. The Squadron registers its life members in the Affinity Program so that each member who has achieved 20 Merit Marks and therefore a life membership in CPS-ECP have the memento of an Affinity Pin to recognize their service. For information on receiving an Affinity Pin visit our Affinity Pin page.

CPS-ECP Boating Skills Virtual Trainer is Coming to a Boat Show Near You

BSVTThe CPS-ECP Boating Skills Virtual Trainer (BSVT) is coming to a boat show near you. The BSVT allows students to maneuver a “Boston Whaler” on a lake 5.6km X 6.4km in a virtual mode where there are only virtual boats and water and no risks.

The program consists of preplanned lessons that cover basic manoeuvres and safe boating practices: Docking, Trailering, Slalom Course, Crossing/Overtaking other vessels, Departing dock, Manoeuvering in Fairways, Pivot Turn, Mooring, Emergency Stop, Trim control in throttle, Night manoeuvres with crossing/overtaking lights, and controls to change wind and current direction and strength.

The BSVT embodies high-end technology featuring three computer screens with a selective rotating field of vision close to 360 degrees. It has a responsive steering wheel with console switches for horn and navigation lights and a Mercury Marine throttle. It reacts to variable settings for trim, current and wind. On the dashboard you see your compass, tach and speedometer. Drivers may manoeuvre through simulated exercises in a virtual environment, without the risks of a real boat on the water.

Dates, info and videos.

Make Sure Your Squadron Books the Simulator

If you haven't already done so, your Squadron should look at booking the CPS-ECP Boating Simulator for your next show or event. If you are interested in booking the simulator send your request to the or call 1-888-277-2628. Meanwhile read the article recently pubished in Boating Business magazine about the simulator and watch the demonstration videos.

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