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A Thank You from Chair John Hinksman, SN

The CPS Foundation thanks everyone, Districts, Squadrons and members who have given their support over the past year. We continue to maintain our $l,000,000 status, due to your donations and our conservative investment policy. We have adjusted our portfolio to recognize responsible stewardship of our planet, keeping in mind the importance of non-polluting companies of our waterways.

We continue to support CPS-ECP through funding of projects that keep the organization operating in a positive manner, and enable it to keep up with the many changes that continually test our abilities as an educational group. Now, more than any other time in our long history, it is important to keep up with advances in methods of delivering our message to the boating public and our members. We all need to work together to maintain our place and to grow so that present and future boaters will experience safe and happy times on the water.

Your Foundation provided CPS-ECP with over $40,000 last year, and is always ready to consider any requests for funding that benefit our whole Organization.

Thank you all again, and donít forget to fly our Flag proudly, and pass on who we are and what we do to anyone you can.

On behalf of the Directors and Members of The CPS Foundation, Erik Fabricius, Larry Hicks, Ghislain Arsenault, Sheila Boucher and Catherine Mcleod,
Yours truly,
John Hinksman, SN

The success of our Foundation depends upon each one of us!

Our Memorial Log files have been updated. View the new files.

The CPS Foundation at the CPS-ECP National Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario, October 2015.

Photos provided by CPS-ECP Photographer Don Butt, AP

CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman, SN presented a cheque to Chief Commander Joe Gatfield, JN at the 2015 CPS-ECP Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario in October. Accompanying him were CPS Foundation Directors Ghislain Arsenault, SN, far left, Sheila Boutcher, SN, second from right, and Larry Hicks, AP, far right. The cheque included the donation received by the Foundation this year from the Cowan Foundation. The funds will be used to purchase two more Boating Skills Virtual Trainers for use across Canada.

CPS Foundation

CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman, SN, displays the Honour Roll and Memorial Log at the CPS-ECP National Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario in October. CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman, SN, reported to the 2015 CPS-ECP Annual Meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario in October.

CPS Foundation
CPS Foundation

The Boating Skills Virtual Trainer purchased by CPS-ECP with funding from the CPS Foundation was on display at the National Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, in October for everyone to try their skills on the water using the various simulations. Board Director Linda Hamilton, AP took her turn at the wheel during the Conference.

CPS Foundation

Honour roll certificates for Squadrons and Districts donating $1.00 per member were presented during the CPS-ECP Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario in October.

CPS Foundation
CPS Foundation
CPS Foundation
CPS Foundation
CPS Foundation
CPS Foundation
CPS Foundation

Contribute to the CPS Foundation and Honour CPS-ECP Members

Cowichan Power and Sail Squadron has found a way to donate to The CPS Foundation while at the same time honouring members of the Squadron who have made a worthwhile contribution to CPS-ECP. The Squadron registers its life members in the Affinity Program so that each member who has achieved 20 Merit Marks and therefore a life membership in CPS-ECP have the memento of an Affinity Pin to recognize their service. For information on receiving an Affinity Pin visit our Affinity Pin page.

2014 Financial Statements

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Make Sure Your Squadron Books the Simulator

If you haven't already done so, your Squadron should look at booking the CPS-ECP Boating Simulator for your next show or event. If you are interested in booking the simulator send your request to the or call 1-888-277-2628. Meanwhile read the article recently pubished in Boating Business magazine about the simulator and watch the demonstration videos.