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About The CPS Foundation

The Canadian Power Squadrons Foundation (the CPS Foundation) is a charitable Corporation established in 1975 (Letters Patent November 5, 1975), and is a separate entity from Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons/Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance (CPS-ECP). Initially the CPS Foundation was formed by members appointed by CPS-ECP. All members of the Foundation are also CPS-ECP Members. Today the Foundation is a strong, well-established, successful organization, controlled by five Directors elected by Foundation Members at its Annual General Meeting.

The objective of the Foundation is: "to provide funding for training and study courses and facilities in the field of boating, seamanship, piloting, navigation and safe handling of boats of all kind, and to extend support to the activities of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons" In other words, to grow its fund to strengthen and guarantee the mission of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons. Since its inception, the starting capital of $16,000 has grown significantly - all the while gifting monies earned to CPS-ECP.

The Charities Directorate decrees the separation between the Foundation and CPS-ECP and the minimum annual distribution based on 3.5% of the value of assets they own that are not used directly in their charitable activities or administration of the charity. Funding is frequently provided to CPS-ECP as Grants for specific projects, at the discretion of the Foundation Directors..

Much of the credit for its success goes to the members of CPS-ECP who have donated to the various programs in a special and generous way. All donations are placed in a professionally managed investment account to facilitate a solid base to ensure long term financial support/back-up to CPS-ECP.


Updated October 8, 2019