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The CPS Foundation Memorial Log

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The Memorial Log has existed since the Foundation's inception and enshrines the names of Squadron members and others who have been memorialized over many, many years. The log can also be used to recognize a significant event i.e. an anniversary, celebration, new Squadron Warrant presentation, etc. etc.

In the case of a deceased member, the memorial is acknowledged to the donor(s) and the bereaved family is suitably informed. A numbered receipt will be issued for each donation of $25.00 or more. The charitable receipt issued to individuals can be used in calculating the charitable donations credit for income tax purposes.

The Memorial Log itself is usually displayed for viewing at the Annual General Meeting of CPS-ECP.

You can download the donation form, complete and mail with your cheque made payable to The CPS Foundation to the address noted on the form.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to download the form. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Online services for donations to Memorials is currently unavailable until further notice. In the meantime you can send your request to the or call 1-888-277-2628.

Who may Donate? CPS-ECP Members, USPS Members, friends and relatives - in fact ANYONE may contribute to a memorable remembrance and at the same time further the objectives of our Organization. Corporate Donations may be made in recognition of Volunteers.

The Current Memorial Log