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A Message from The CPS Foundation Chair

CPS Foundation

This lighthouse is like our foundation, built to last, and, like the menu bar above, intended to assist you to get to wherever you would like to be.

Donations to the CPS Foundation have helped to fund a great number of projects that otherwise might not have been possible. The general funds of CPS-ECP sometimes do not allow for those extra items, often not in the budget, that arise from time to time and enhance the ongoing objectives of the organization.

The Educational Department (formerly the Training Department) has been the major recipient of grant money, since it fits the criteria of benefitting every Squadron member. The Budget for this Department is one of our larger ones, but still has little room to come up with some of the funding they need. In the area of CDs, for example, the Foundation has stepped up many times. Some of the projects that were funded include:

The Marketing and PR Committee came to the Foundation for help with updating our Boat Show Booths, and this resulted in the modern contemporary look we have today.

Our Membership Committee requested funds to provide banners for Squadrons who won Awards and to expand the Merit Mark pin program beyond recognition for 20 years, adding pins for higher year achievements that have proven to be so popular.

Several of our manuals have come to us via a Foundation Grant, as have several kits, including the Mandatory Education kit and the White Flare training kit. The instructional Techniques materials were paid for by the Foundation and coloured charts for Boating and AP came via Foundation funds. Funding has been provided to upgrade Boat Pro to NASBLA Standards and to assist the Distant Education Department in providing the means to allow delivery of the PCOC on the internet.

The Foundation also provided funding for GoToMeeting that has benefited all departments of CPS-ECP, allowing volunteers to participate in various meetings without having to travel across the country, and recently in 2017, 2018 and 2019 provided $270,000 towards the IT system project which will benefit all operational aspects and members of CPS-ECP..

The above projects cover some of those more notable but several others have benefitted, and continue to do so. The Foundation is questioned frequently for a list of the projects funded, and I hope the above will show some insight into the ongoing commitment the Foundation has to CPS-ECP. We stand ready as always to consider any Grant request that falls within the criteria.

Many thanks to all the individuals, Squadrons and Districts whose thoughtful donations have been put to work over many years in the service of the goals of CPS-ECP.

John N. Hinksman, SN - Chair, CPS Foundation
Jauary 2020