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Boating Skills Virtual Trainer

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Showing How the Boating Simulator Works

See exactly how the CPS-ECP Boating Simulator works by watching this YouTube Video of John Gullick, CPS-ECP Manager Government & Special Programs, as he describes and demonstrates the multi-language simulator to Editor Andy Adams of Canadian Yachting magazine at the Toronto Boat Show. The Boating Simulator was purchased from United States Power Squadrons with a grant from the CPS Foundation.

CPS Foundation Project to Purchase Third Boating Skills Virtual Trainer
CPS Foundation

As Life Members of CPS-ECP we have a unique opportunity to do something very special this year. We have all achieved Life Membership through 20 years of service to CPS-ECP in one capacity or another. What we have contributed over the years has varied as we have all played different roles in our voluntary involvement within CPS-ECP. Now, we have an opportunity to come together as one group to add our part to the success of an exciting, new and very special program. To better serve our Squadrons and Districts, and to add to our success, we need a third Boating Skills Virtual Trainer (BSVT). If you would kindly consider contributing one year’s membership dues to this program, we can achieve our goal.

To date the CPS Foundation funded one of these trainers, introducing it at the 2014 AGM in Quebec City, and with a generous donation from the Cowan Foundation earlier this year, a second trainer will be purchased. A third will enhance this proven popular trainer for use in Squadrons and Districts across Canada. The first has been recognized by a banner thanking the CPS Foundation and the second will be recognized with a banner thanking the Cowan Foundation. The third trainer will carry a banner thanking our Life Members for their ongoing and generous support of CPS-ECP.

Life Members can contribute to this project using the form they received with a personal letter from C/C Joseph Gatfield, JN, and CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman, SN. A tax receipt will be issued for donations over $10 or on request. Please be sure to check the box on the form indicating if your name can be published as a donor to this project. The CPS Foundation thanks all Life Members in advance for their support.

Donation from The Cowan Foundation

Thanks to a generous grant from The Cowan Foundation to The CPS Foundation, Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons will acquire additional Boating Skills Virtual Trainers. More Information. The CPS Foundation was one of ten charitable organizations in Canada to receive a grant for 2015.

The photo at left shows from left to right: Cathy Bisbee, Cowan Insurance Group Industry Leader, Programs & Associations; John Hinksman, CPS Foundation Chair; and Richard Pouliot, The Guarantee, National VP Operations and Distribution Management.

People in attendance pictured at right included: Cathy Bisbee, Cowan Insurance Group Industry Leader, Programs & Associations; Richard Pouliot, The Guarantee, National VP Operations and Distribution Management; John Hinksman, CPS Foundation Chair; Walter Kowalchuk CPS-ECP Executive Director; and members of Port Credit Power and Sail Squadron.

About The Cowan Foundation
The Cowan Foundation was started in 1995 in honour of Frank Cowan, the founder of Cowan Insurance Group and Frank Cowan Company. The Foundation is sustained by the ongoing success of the Princeton Holdings group of companies including Cowan Insurance Group which provides the CPS-ECP Member Boat Insurance Program (and its subsidiary companies: The Williamson Group, Millennium CreditRisk Management, Wentworth Financial Services and Cowan Financial Solutions) , Frank Cowan Company, The Guarantee Company of North America, Cowan Asset Management and Fountain Street Finance. Together they provide insurance and risk management products and services for individuals, businesses, organizations and public entities as well as assist employers with their group benefits, retirement and health and disability management plans. The goal of The Cowan Foundation is to make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians and the broader well-being of our communities. The Cowan Foundation.

CPS FoundationMarine Industry Award

The Marine Industry Award presented by the Canadian Safe Boating Council at its awards dinner in January 15, was awarded to United States Power Squadron (USPS) and Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP).

USPS in conjunction with United States Coast Guard created a boating simulator to teach boaters docking, working lines, open water operation and more, and provide the opportunity to practice those skills before getting out on the water. CPS-ECP took the base virtual trainer, modified it for Canadian use to be multi lingual (French and Chinese), and are now putting it into use for training across Canada.

Funding for the project in Canada was provided by The CPS Foundation. More information below

USPS Educational Officer Bob Brandenstein (second from left in photo) and The CPS Foundation Chair, John Hinksman (third from left in photo) accepted the award on behalf of USPS and CPS-ECP. More information on the Boating Skills Virtual Trainer is available here.

Our Latest Funding Project

The CPS Foundation was pleased to announce funding at the 2014 CPS-ECP National Conference for the Boating Skills Virtual Trainer, a simulator that lets you try your hand at various scenarios on the water. The simulator was purchased from United States Power and Sail Squadrons.

The simulator was on display at the Conference for everyone to try. In the photo to the left, CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman tests his skills, at CPS Foundation Director Sheila Boutcher waits her turn.

Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron was the first Squadron in Canada to have access to the new simulator, demonstrating it for the local television station and for members and the public alike on November 8, 2014.

Photos and a description of the function of the simulator